Books by Dagmar von Cramm

As Germany's highly regarded nutrition expert, Dagmar von Cramm authors her books in the specialized area of nutritional science merged with cooking. Her wide range of books are aimed at nutritious, delectable cuisine for babies, toddlers, children, people over age 50 and for the whole family.

Her books also satisy the special concerns of individuals who wish to support their respective dietary goal or condition such as high cholesterol, the gout, weight loss, a vegetarian diet, sustainable, local and seasonal cuisine. Her books also address the unique needs of expecting and nursing mothers. To see the list of books Dagmar has published in German, see Bücher.

Beauty Food
Of the 200+ books Dagmar has published, several of her books have been translated into English. Her book Beauty Food is a valuable guide that teaches you how to cook and which foods to eat to support your radiance from the inside out. With this complete guide, you can banish any nutritional deficiencies that may be the culprit of a less-than-optimal outer appearance.

Our Baby: The First Year
Another book by Dagmar von Cramm translated into English is the tried and true standard reference book Our Baby: The First Year. For 16 years, this book has accompanied new and experienced parents, answering questions about the specialized diet, care, and health of their little ones. Everything from the basic equipment, safety, diapers, bathing, breastfeeding and bottle-feeding to preparing your own baby food is covered in-depth in this book. In addition, your baby's development, typical illnesses and their treatments, and first aid in cases of emergency are also discussed. In this book you will find a comprehensive guide of nutrition and relaxation for mothers, how to find balance between the home and workplace, as well as special tips for fathers and planning day-to-day life as a new family.

Cooking for Children
What does my child like to eat? Does my child's favorite food provide all of the important nutrients needed for proper growth? With Berry Yogurt Smoothies, Raw Carrot Corn Salad, Summer Noodles or Black Forest Cherry Pudding, your child is bound to love mealtimes and eagerly try out these colorful, kid-tested recipes which aren't only tasty for your little ones! This book covers easy recipes for everyday cooking with a practical overview of what to cook when your child is sick, and additional health tips for your growing child.

The New Balanced Diet
To enhance your well-being, Dagmar von Cramm has written a book about pH-balanced foods, titled The New Balanced Diet. With 45 recipes, a "power week" eating plan, and useful nutritional information with extra tips, you can rebalance your internal pH by eating the right foods to combat stress and feel revitalized.

Dagmars Aldidente Diet 2.0

Dagmar's latest book Aldidente Diet 2.0 is now updated with 20 new recipes! This is the second edition of her original Aldidente Diet book, published 13 years ago. Being her first self-published book, it can be ordered directly on Amazon. Featuring 70 quick, tasty recipes with 100 variations, weight loss is even easier and more inexpensive than ever before! With this book, you don't have to measure out any portions or count any calories; we already did that for you. Just follow the tips and recipes in the book and watch a slimmer you appear!