Media Review

As one of Germany's best-known food journalists, Dagmar von Cramm appears frequently on national and regional television programs and talkshows to discuss a wide range of nutritional topics. She is also best known in debunking widely-held beliefs about diets and the latest dietary trends. Dagmar von Cramm has been interviewed in numerous magazines and in Germany's leading newspapers. According to Cicero, a German magazine about politics and culture, Dagmar is regarded as one of Germany's 100 most important women.

Since publishing her first book in 1987, Dagmar has written over 200 books on nutrition, focusing on healthy, modern cuisine for the whole family, diets for all life stages, and diets that can lead to permanent weight loss.

A columnist for multiple German magazines and newspapers, and a sought-after speaker for conferences and seminars, Dagmar von Cramm is a trusted public figure in the realm of nutrition and is valued for her unbiased, scientific standpoint in the face of many pseudo-scientific health claims and sensationalized media stories. To view her media review in German, see the German version of this website and click on Medienspiegel.

Bild am Sonntag: Green Vegetables

In Germany's popular Sunday newspaper, Dagmar von Cramm shares the facts about green vegetables. Here she answered questions about the vital nutrients contained in green vegetables, and which ones are the most nutrient-rich. Click here to see the German version: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

ARD Buffet: Sweetened Beverages

A cold, refreshing drink is the best summer companion. Yet sugar-sweetened beverages can do more harm than good. As a special guest on one of Germany's top broadcasting channels, ARD, Dagmar von Cramm clarifies the actual fluid needs of the average person and provides healthy alternatives to the typical, seemingly innocent refreshment drinks like juice, lemonade, sweetened teas and so on. To view the whole interview in German, click here...